Why the Chinese Wellness Traditions?

With its focus on lifestyle management in adjusting one's diet, rest and exercise to the changing of seasons, the excellence of Chinese Wellness Traditions stresses the harmony between the body and the environment and the importance of maintaining an upbeat mood, the ideal combination for self-nourishment and health-fortification. This traditions can not only optimize your overall well-being but also bring you a healthier and happier lives.

Our Unique Health Concept

"Nourish from Within, Get a Healthy Life", the centerpiece of Infinitus' health concept, advocates great health at your fingertips by simply adhering to the following:

4 Habits

Diet, Rest, Exercise and Emotion

A Healthy Life

Tri-balance, Tri-affluence and Tri-harmony

3 Restorations

Optimize your Qi, Balance your Yin and Yang, and Regulate Zang-Fu (organs)

Healthy Life
A Healthy Life
Individual, Community and Society
Health, Family and Work
Time, Wealth and Spiritual Life
Healthy Life
A Healthy Life


Eat right! More veggies and fruits. Less meat. Eat at regular times and stop when you are seven parts full


Sleep tight! Keep a healthy daily routine and get enough rest. Don't forget your 20-minute siesta. Go to bed by eleven at night


Move your body! Work out regularly. 10,000 steps a day keep the doctor away


Take it easy! Maintain peace of mind. Think positive. Stay away from emotional extremes

Optimize your Qi

"Qi" is the vital flow of energy within the body. It keeps you healthy and sound. Optimizing your Qi supports your immune system and protects you from external factors.

Balance your
Yin and Yang

United by the contrary yet complementary pair, life gets its nutrients from "Yin" and propellants from "Yang". Together they strike a dynamic equilibrium, the tilting of which is the root of all sickness. Therefore, preserving the subtle balance is the key to staying strong and healthy.

Regulate Zang-Fu (Organs)

Zang-Fu is a complex systems of interconnected, interdependent units within our body. Harmonious interaction between the Zang and Fu organs are crucial to our health, and when that balance is disrupted, symptoms that correspond with the affected organs may arise. Therefore, "Regulating Zang-Fu" is crucial for keeping our body healthy.

Zang: liver, heart, spleen, lungs and kidneys
Fu: gallbladder, small intestine, stomach, large intestine, bladder, triple warmer

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