5,000 years of Oriental Wisdom,
25 years of Breakthroughs

With a high regard for R&D and relentless innovation, Infinitus has one of the highest-caliber Chinese herbal research teams worldwide. Our team consists of experts in, among other fields, Chinese herbal medicine, food science, analytical chemistry, biochemistry, and microbiology.

Infinitus invests over USD$ hundred millions in R&D and technological advancement every year and have formed collaborate partnerships with elite academia and renowned research institutions around the globe, for example, the University of Cambridge.

In September 2015, Infinitus and the University of Cambridge jointly established the Cambridge Infinitus Research Center, aiming to transform the latest scientific discoveries in Biology and Health Sciences into superior traditional Chinese herbal health products.

In March 2017, Nobel Laureate Professor Jules A. Hoffmann came aboard as Infinitus' Scientific Advisor, starting a new chapter of our R&D.

Patented Technologies

Proprietary Technologies:

Infinitus owns proprietary technologies in Chinese herbal Polysaccharides, Schizandrin B, Compound Whitening Factor, Polysac-Jolie Complex Polysaccharide Beauty Factor, Active Peptides, Herbal Essence, Epidermal Growth Factor, etc.
As of May 12, 2017, Infinitus has been granted a total of 624 global patents in R&D, 18 of which are international patents, 35 from the U.S., 8 from the E.U., 2 from France, 2 from South Korea, and 559 from China.


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