Premium Nutrients For Better Health

Be prepared, come rain or shine

A better immunity system brings better health. Infinitus' "Premium Nutrients For Better Health" is made with the finest natural Chinese herbs, from which their active ingredients are potently extracted to offer a unique blend of compound polysaccharides and herbal essences to help optimize your immune system and health.

Premium Nutrients For Better Health

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Product Highlights

  • Enhance your immune system
  • Developed by Infinitus with over 20 years of experience in optimizing the formula of Compound Polysaccharides
  • Active ingredients are extracted with advanced technology to maximize efficacy

NPN Number:

  • NPN80071281

Quality Assurance:

  • Manufactured from ISO, HACCP and GMP certified facilities, this product has passed third-party testing conducted by SGS and has also been Halal-certified. Also, the Infinitus Inspection Center is FAPAS-certified for proficiency in detecting heavy metals.


  • 120 Tablets / box

Each tablet contains:

Medicinal Ingredients:

Lentinula edodes extract (shiitake,mycelia and fruiting body), ganoderma lucidum extract (reishi, fruiting body, mycelium), Poria sclerotium extract, Tremella fuciformis extract, Morus alba fruit extract, Senna obtusifolia seed extract, Hericium erinaceus extract, Chrysanthemum x morifolium flower extract, Gynostemma pentaphyllum rhizomeextract, Codonopsis pilosula root extract, Ophiopogon japonicus root extract, Goji fruit extract (Lycium barbarum), Reynoutria multiflora root extract, Alpiniae oxyphyllae fruit extract

Non-medicinal Ingredients:

Flammulina velutipes mushroom, Microcrystalline cellulose, Sodium starch glycolate, Magnesium stearate

Adults: Take 3 – 4 tablets 2 times per day on an empty stomach

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