Our Strength

Infinitus, ranked 5th in 2018 among relationship marketing companies worldwide, has since 1992 won the trust of our customers by providing the finest traditional Chinese herbal health supplements. We are your lifelong partner in the pursuit of happiness, health and wealth.



What sets us apart


  • Our rich heritage and unique corporate culture
  • The rapidly expanding global market for traditional Chinese herbal health products
  • Our superior products from a fusion of ancient Chinese wisdom and innovative technology. We jointly established the Cambridge Infinitus Research Center with the University of Cambridge to provide high quality traditional Chinese herbal health products
  • Global success opportunities – 24/7 support and digital tools
  • Low entry threshold
  • Promising earnings potential* with continuity - pass your success to your next generation
  • Flexible working arrangements – work anywhere, anytime


The secret of getting success is getting started

As our Infinitus partner, you are an ambassador of our finest traditional Chinese herbal health products. What better way to make an extra income* than by sharing health and happiness with those you cherish? You are just one click away from a successful and fruitful journey.


"I would share infinitus's product with someone if you have the opportunity to help other people. It's a win-win situation….. They are happy, you are happy."

Mr Ken Hancherow,

an experienced entrepreneur, currently running one of the major organic farm in Ontario