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Corporate Introduction

LKK Health Products Group (hereinafter referred to as "LKKHPG" or "Group") is a member of Lee Kum Kee Group, a century-old Hong Kong enterprise. Headquartered in Hong Kong, LKKHPG is a modern diversified business group that specializes in R&D, production, sales and services of Chinese herbal health products; TCM plantation management and sales of raw Chinese medicinal materials; mobile internet platform and related products and services; and property investment. As of 30 June 2016, LKKHPG employs approximately 4,800 staffs. Members of LKKHPG include Infinitus (China) Company Ltd., Infinitus (Hong Kong) Company Ltd., Infinitus International Company Ltd., Infinitus International (Malaysia) Sdn Bhd., Infinitus Health Products (Singapore) Pte Ltd., Infinitus Innovations (Canada) Inc., Naturale (China) Pharma Co., Ltd., HeHa Digital Health Ltd. and Infinitus Property Investment (Hong Kong) Limited.

In 1992, LKKHPG descried the tremendous prospects of Chinese herbal health products and established Infinitus (China) in Guangzhou. With "Infinitus" as its core brand, Infinitus (China) has been adhering to its mission of "advocating the premium Chinese health regimen and nurturing healthier lives with balance, affluence, and harmony" and engaging in R&D, production, sales and services of Chinese herbal health products, aiming to provide high-quality Chinese herbal health products to the public. In 2009, LKKHPG expanded into overseas markets with a global view while staying grounded on Chinese mainland and in 2010 it officially set up Infinitus (Hong Kong) Company Ltd., Infinitus International Company Ltd. and Infinitus International (Malaysia) Sdn Bhd. In 2016, Infinitus Health Products (Singapore) Pte Ltd. and Infinitus Innovations (Canada) Inc. are founded to promote Chinese herbal health products via Unique Digital Direct Selling Model for market development and service.

Over the past years, Infinitus has pursued further industrial distribution by investing over RMB 3 billion and RMB 1.5 billion (initial phase) on two production bases in Guangdong and Liaoning respectively. Every year, Infinitus invests hundreds of millions of RMB in R&D and technological enhancement and has acquired 452 patents as well as scores of core independent intellectual property rights. Infinitus has developed 124 products in 5 series that are marketed under 6 brands and the brand value of Infinitus was rated at RMB 36.889 billion by World Brand Lab in 2014.

To meet the growing needs of raw Chinese medicinal material around the globe, in 2015, LKKHPG established Naturale (China) Pharma Co., Ltd., which aims to fulfill the mission of "advocating the premium Chinese health regimen and ensuring premium raw medicinal materials from the very outset to advance the development of raw Chinese medicinal material industry". The Company mainly specializes in TCM plantation management and sales of raw Chinese medicinal materials. It is dedicated to providing high-quality, effective and authentic raw Chinese medicinal ingredients and root slices. Based on its unique TCM Plantation Management Model and the TCM Industrialization Model, Naturale (China) aims to foster industrial integration, construct an industrial ecosystem, and promote the healthy development of the industry. In line with its TCM Plantation Management Model, Naturale (China) has set up plantation bases in the traditional growing areas and planted medicinal ingredients of dozens of different varieties, including Ganoderma lucidum, Fuling, morinda officinalis, Tremella, Polygonum multiflorum, Dangshen, Astragalus, etc. Through modernized and standardized TCM plantation and management, product quality and efficacy can be guaranteed by traceable production procedures.

To keep with the trend of the time, LKKHPG set up HeHa Digital Health Limited in 2015, striving to fulfill the mission of "helping people lead a happier life" through establishing a mobile internet platform and providing related products and services. HeHa has already launched the HeHa App along with HeHa Dao Health Wristband and HeHa Qi Health Manager. HeHa App is a mobile internet platform which not only delivers health information to users but also attracts them to build up a "Feel Good Community", where users are encouraged to share their experiences on health, family, work, friends, life and thinking, etc. Through this, they can improve living habits and pursue real happiness. HeHa Dao Health Wristband and HeHa Qi Health Manager can help users manage their health and develop their habits of Daily Walk for 10,000 Steps by synergizing with HeHa App. HeHa Qi Health Manager has been recognized by world's top university hospitals, it has been chosen by the Brigham and Women's Hospital (BWH) of Harvard University and the Medical School of National Taiwan University as a data collection tool in their clinical studies.